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I’m Jennifer Mendoza, I graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I’ve been managing our small family business which is bag manufacturing for 6 years now,  but unfortunately we are greatly affected by the pandemic. And because of that I have a lot of time to look for another job to earn more and to learn something new. I love challenges that can help me grow as a person and also as a entrepreneur. That’s why I took the chance to be a intern at Virtualasting. Personally, I saw the potential of the program to help me grow, because as pandemic happens I saw and experienced how digital technologies diversify businesses even more. That urge me to equipped myself with the skills to not only help our business grow or to be resilient at any given situation but also to help my future clients to flourish their businesses.

Managing a business is my passion, I love doing it even though there’s a lot of hardships and responsibilities, at the end of the day I am happy and fulfilled once work is done. I chose to work as a Virtual Assistant because I want to hone my skills, to contribute to my client’s business  and integrate my acquired knowledge to their growth. I am looking forward to work with people who has the same interests with mine, working as a team to achieve great output.  

Hobbies and Interests

During my free time I love to read books, I read fiction and nonfiction books. I also read articles and business pages to further educate myself. I’d rather chose to read than to watch television. If I have a lot of time I watch Korean Dramas and I guess a fun fact about me is I am a BTS fan. I have a collection of their albums. I love silence and peaceful places wherein I can just space out, to clarify my self with stress and negative things in life.

My love for travelling

I am a free spirited person who seeks for adventure. I love to travel because it gives me the sense of freedom and to explore different places. To know different culture and meet different people. It motivates me more to work hard and look forward to my future travels.

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow."

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