Hey there! My name is Christine Pabon, your future Virtual Assistant. My goal is to make the world a lot more convenient for you, whether saving you money, energy, and time or helping you streamline routine tasks. I want to be an extension of your team!


Six years ago, when I was in college, I became curious about working in the comfort of home. I searched a lot on Google on how to start working online, and then I stumbled upon being a Virtual Assistant. At that time, there was not a lot of training available to become one, and I was hesitant as well if the income was stable in that industry, so I didn’t pursue that career.

When the pandemic hit last year, my curiosity about being a freelancer kicked in again. I started watching Youtube videos as well as buying and enrolling in some courses about Virtual Assistance and Social Media Management. I think I’m a course hoarder, LOL!

Yet, I still don’t have the confidence to apply on freelancing sites and even on job hiring posts on Facebook, as I feel like my skills are not enough, and I don’t want to think like scamming my future clients, LOL! I don’t know if I’m just overthinking, but I think we humans tend to have impostor syndrome at some point.

Then this year, I found Virtualasting and the comprehensive training they conduct to be a Virtual Assistant on their company. I grabbed the opportunity and enrolled in their training as the testimonial of their mentees were promising. And I wasn’t disappointed. I thought I already knew about Virtual Assistance, but I still learned more especially learning a lot of tools as I’m only familiar with Canva. I feel so blessed that I’ve become one of their trainees. Now, I’m pretty confident to offer my skills to you!

I found freelancing because I believe we’re destined to work together and be your Virtual Assistant. Let’s make your entrepreneurial life awesome!


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