All about me...

                 Hi There! I’m Camille! But you can call me Kimmy, 26 years old.I am a Mom of one pretty daughter and a wife of a handsome seafarer. I love cooking and doing things such as drawing and sewing. I usually spend most of the time taking care of my daughter these days since I left my previous job as a operations supervisor in a Logistics company. I am a Customs Broker by profession since I passed the Customs broker licensure examination last 2016. I have worked in a corporate world from 2017 to 2020 for one company but decided to leave my job and go home to our province. My workplace and our house where my daughter is is too far that I need to leave my daughter to my Mom to make a living. Since the day that I left work, I do online business like buying and selling clothes and cooking variety of foods and selling it. But then I still think that its better if I could have a job and at the same time doing business at home. The first time I heard about a Virtual Assistant job was because of a friend who is working as a virtual assistant. That gave me the idea to look for companies and there came Virtual Assistant University which is powered by Virtualasting, gave trainings and hands on experience which was really a big help to me. I would love to be hired as one of your Virtual Assistant knowing that I am equipped with knowledge and skills that a competitive VA should have. I am more than willing to help you, lets start building your business together.

Let me help you grow your business by taking care of the little things.


Know more about me...

~ I love watching korean dramas.

~ I love baking pastries, cakes and the like.

~ I like salty foods more than sweet ones.

~ I love nature tripping.

~ I love beaches, but not swimming.

~ I like bonding with my siblings.

~ I like dressing up always.

~ I love cooking for my daughter.

~ I like the moon a lot.



17L Avenir Building, Archibishop Reyes
Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu 600